On September 8 the official press-conference of The Match Europe v USA was held at the press-center of the Dynamo National Olympic Stadium.

The following persons took part in the conference:

Dzmitry Nabokau (high jump), Tatsiana Khaladovich (javelin throw), Thomas Röhler (javelin throw), Ekaterini Stefanidi (pole vault), Brittney Reese (long jump), Darrell Hill (shot put). Sportsmen shared their expectations about the upcoming Match and their first impressions of the stadium, Minsk and their mood in general.

The President of the European Athletics Association Svein Arne Hansen, The President of the Belarusian Athletics Federation Vadim Devyatovskiy and The Sport Director of the Athletics Federation of the USA Duffy Mahoney also addressed welcoming words. The officials noted the stadium’s full readiness for the competition and wished all the athletes good luck and a beautiful rivalry, and the spectators to enjoy beautiful competitions of the two strongest teams.

Answering the question about her tactics for the Match, Brittney Reese said that her main tactic is to jump as far as possible.
Dzmitry Nabokau noted that there is no difference for him how many attempts are given in the sector (athletes have only eight attempts in high jumps), the main thing is to show your maximum every time in the sector. Thomas Röhler said that for javelin throwers it is always nice to come to new cities, to new stadiums and take part in competitions, because these are always meetings other sportsmen: "We, javelin throwers, are one big family."

The press conference ended with a joint photo shoot with a Trophy, for which the Teams of Europe and the USA will compete for the next two days.